***** The SCIPI Trial has now closed *****

Please do not copy or distribute this video without the express permission of the SCIPI study team.
SCIPI Stories
In this SCIPI video some of the children, young people and their parents from the SCIPI study share their experiences of their diagnosis and early treatment of diabetes.  They also tell you what taking part in the SCIPI study has been like for them. Four children and young people take part in the video; two were treated with multiple daily injections (MDI) and two with insulin pumps. We hope that you find their stories interesting and inspiring. Please remember the video is intended to be viewed after you have had a chance to hear about the SCIPI study from your diabetes team and read about the study in the SCIPI information leaflet and consent form. If you have any other questions about the video please speak to you Diabetes Nurse Practitioner.

                                          Thank you for taking time to watch the video.

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